Alma Spa helps to sustain the environment with Kenafloor, a needle punch carpet that is composed 100% from natural fibers.

The essence of the product is extracted from kenaf, an ancient plant of African origin that belongs to the family of malvacee. Kenaf absorbs more carbonic anhydride than any other plant and it releases a notable quantity of oxygen. It purifies the ground of toxic elements, and, above all, the smog in the atmosphere.

There are also many other natural fibers contained within this special ecological carpet. Juta, extracted from the stem of the Corchorus plant, and other vegetable fibers are combined with kenaf in order to create a cohesive and stable environmentally friendly product.


Kenafloor is highly biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly.
Kenafloor doesn’t wear easily, and it deadens the sound of footsteps. Because it is soundproof and contains a thermo insulator, it can not only function as a carpet but as a wall and ceiling cover as well.
The Kenafloor carpet produces little CO2 and is highly biodegradable, giving it a low environmental impact. Kenafloor is available in 6 different natural tonalities that exemplify the “green” characteristics of the product. Special colors can be done on request.
Kenafloor characteristics:
- Highly bio-degradable
- 100% eco-friendly
- Very low environmental impact
- Soundproof and heat-proof (can be used on wall and/or ceiling)
Technical Specification:
Composition: 74% Kenaf, 26% Echo fibers – produced with bio-degradable raw materials
Cohesion base: 100% natural Juta
Thickness: 0.15"
Resistance against fire: BF1-S1
Certification: EN 1350-1
Roll size: Width: 6.5' - Length: 164'