Alma Usa

Alma, born in Italy in 1976, landed in the United States in 2005, and became a partner of FB International under the name of Alma USA. Its specialties are needle-felt carpets that combine the warmth of the fabrics with their particular strength. This characteristic is ideal for showroom spaces; nowadays Alma produces 30 million square meters of carpets a year, for the most important fairs all over the world.

Alma conquered worldwide leadership thanks to the quality of the materials, the reasonable costs, but also thanks to the endless variety of customized options. Alma produces carpets in 3144 Pantone colors, and prints any design, logo or image on them.

Nowadays, Alma, with over 150 employees, takes care of the manufacturing and the care for every aspect of the production, that are typical of a company owned by a family born and raised in Tuscany. That care also involves the respect for the environment; the carpets do not contain any polypropylene, and the second-hand ones are recycled in the company’s systems.


Photo to the left: Elea Carpeted Flooring. It is the flat classic version of Alma. This item, with an excellent quality/price ratio, is extremely functional for exhibitions, fairs, and aisles. The Elea collection boasts a color catalog of 48 shades, and the possibility to realize any Pantone color upon request. 
Photo to the right: Glitter Carpeted Flooring. It is an elegant and brilliant version of the Elea flooring, but it is customized with glitter to enrich its own space. It is available in 10 different colors.

Photo to the left: Kenafloor Carpeted Floor. Kenafloor offers a collection of products fully made of the “Kenaf” vegetable fiber, suitable for low environmental impact options.
Photo to the right: Venus Carpeted Flooring. Venus is one of the most prestigious collections of disposable carpeted floors for events. It is characterized by a soft and velvet-like surface, with good wear resistance, and distinguished by its bright colors.

Photo to the left: Onice Carpeted Flooring. It is an item with a canned surface made of synthetic latex. It is characterized by an extreme softness under foot, excellent adherence to the ground, and is the perfect combination of style and technique. 
Photo to the right: Elea Design. It is a modern printing system that allows for the customization of your own carpeted floor, even for small ones, with logos and slogans to enhance its look during the events.