Pointex is a creative company, market savvy, willing to grow in a world that continuously expresses new needs and requests new products. Such is Pointex, which was founded in Tuscany in the early nineties to produce car seat covers, and that evolved to today’s innovative production: fabrics for mattresses, fairs and showroom spaces, high-tech and 3D fabrics.

Its fortes are the customized products that make it FB International’s ideal partner. Pointex, through its own licensed system, creates original fabrics FB International studies artwork for fabric that match with all livable surface spaces, from the floor to the stools, from the panel to the couch, in accordance with the concept of the architect and the brand outlook. Unique, distinctive spaces that welcome the visitor, emphasize the product, and make an impression.



The decorative banding, located on the front of the stand, was made of Twister textile. It is an innovative system patented by Pointex, that allows for the covering of any surface, and that offers the client a high-quality and color rendering customized product.
That same textile was used to realize the carpeted floor that matches the graphic sign, but differs in the color.

This extraordinary textile flooring, designed by Pointex, was made through the application of glitter into its interior in order to confer light to the flooring.
This product combines the practicality and ease of use of the carpeted floor with the quality, the look, the softness, and the elegance of the textile.
Reflex carpeted flooring can also be used outdoors, and allows for the creation of cost and time effective unique floors.

With Twister Concept, it is possible to match the floor with a textile cover used for furniture the way it was done for the installation of the Italia pavilion during the JCK.
The image of the face of two women (see picture above) was frame reproduced on both the velvet-like textile, used for the decorative banding of the stand, and on the needled carpeted floor.
The manufacture of the textile takes place through the weaving of 4 different colors that, through their overlapping, create a wide chromatic range.

For the DDC jewelry stand in Las Vegas, a customized decorative item was made on the front of the stand.
Twister is not a printed or screen-printed product but it is a jacquard textile. This banding, frame weaved and glittered, double velvet-layered, allows for an exclusive and elegant image through its bright colors.