Shell schemes

Shell schemes, together with the ability to understand their full potential in terms of cost reduction, flexibility, installation speed, and the esthetic look, are FB’s specialty.

Veloce is the owner’s system, designed and licensed by FB that guarantees considerable cost reduction because it is quickly installed with no tools.
Its wooden variation can be customized in any color; its fabric variation can be customized in the colors indicated in the catalog, or with some special fabrics for larger dimensions.

Veloce System

Palo Alto is a system with great set potential because it combines practicality and solidity with elegant materials and shapes. The modular components with which you can make a wide range of patterns are four: the base, the column, the capital, and the beam.

Palo Alto System

Octanorum is an unbeatable system in flexibility and versatility, that allows for limitless layout options for large or small surface projects.
The structure is made of aluminum; the variable installation angles are 45, 60, 90, 120, 135 and 180 degrees that offer endless combinations.

Extremely ductile and versatile, equipped with arc-welded steel net-like modules, Zero allows for any shape and the fulfillment of any creative idea.
This system, painted with thermosetting resin, is topped off with a great variety of furnishing walls and with wood or fabric panels.

Octanorm System (photo to the left) - Zero System (photo to the right)

This industrial system’s forte is its great bearing capacity that makes it suitable even for the support of pendant lights (American style).
This net-like structure is resistant and crush-proof because it is made of a number of poles.

The system by group Octanorm distinguishes itself for its contemporary look from the square section and is suitable especially for large surface projects.
It is available with anodized aluminum finishing touches in the 12×12, 8×8, and 4×4 versions.

Maxima System