Printing and Creative big

Starting from today FB International pushes customization beyond its limits: on surfaces of large dimensions and on any type of material through the HP Scitex FB700 innovative printer.

In the fair spaces, image is (almost) everything and at FB International we love to cherish and polish it in full creative freedom.
This is why we are receptive to any technological innovation that can help us shape the most audacious ideas.

One of these innovations is the new generation HP Scitex FB700 printer, with a 250 cm light.
We purchased it in the beginning of 2014 in order to be able to print fast and at a high quality on any type of material – rigid and flexible -, and also on surfaces of large dimensions.

We can now offer our clients a stand that is equipped with graphics, or a new concept only image-oriented.

The number of copies is no longer a problem: it is even possible to customize one single copy, and on the most diverse materials: paper, cardboard, PVC, and other plastic materials, photographic paper, canvas, fabric, wood, glass, metal. 

Photos on the top: Framed digital print on the fabric

Photo on the top: digital print on transparent fabric

Photo to the left: digital print on Plexiglas with well-lit back – Photo to the right: print on satin fabric

Photo to the left: digital print on ultra soft fabric – Photo to the right and to the top: digital print on wood

Photo to the left: digital print on carpeted floor – Photo to the right: digital print on sintra