The new modular display cases

Since we have started working in the jewelry sector, we have learned how to combine esthetics with functionality, and practicality with emotion.

That has been the case for our new Veloce System display case.

It is a modular display case, easy to assemble, that can be installed along the entire perimeter of the stand, at eye level, as if it were a store, in order to offer great exposure to jewelry, as well as extreme privacy to the exhibitor.

This modular display case, elegant, of clean design, fully refined in velvet, is entirely made of wood through a hooking system that keeps it suspended, allowing for full use of the space underneath, and potential for mobility.

There are three types of display cases, 2 in line, and 1 in corner, and can be customized in any color and any polished or matt finishing.

On the front, an interchangeable frame allows to complete the style of the display case: for instance, a white flat lacquered frame for a more modern style, a golden processed and perforated frame for a more classic style.

FB offers over 20 types of display cases in crystal, a variety that will certainly meet the most diverse needs of any fair sector, from that of food to the jewelry one. For more info click here.