The most creative stand could be one that’s entirely a shell scheme

The most creative stand could be one that’s entirely a shell scheme.

Looking at our stands, sometimes it’s hard to tell they are made of shell scheme components. Each one seems a unique creation made to harmonize with the brand -- the best setting in which to emphasize the products and make them stand out.

One can really do all sorts of things with shell schemes in order to create the right stand that the client has in mind when he comes to us. At FB, we do this thanks to our long experience and the extensiveness of our catalog that allows for infinite variations.

We have been creating stands for almost thirty years, but we have also been studying them, and we value what we have learned. Each fair is a lesson learned in how to improve a detail, speed up an installation, and eliminate costs.

On one hand shell schemes, on the other, the richness of the materials, furnishings and colors make each stand different from any other. That richness we also owe to our partners. Alma makes carpets in 3,144 Pantone colors, and prints any customized design on them. Pointex manufactures carpets and highly resistant, frame manufactured materials, in order to give the stand a fully coordinated and unique image, from the floor to the stools.

Perfection is in the details, as the quote goes; but also in the taste for combination, we would add. A single color, or fabric, or furnishing, or light is enough to give life to an original stand, distinguishing it from others. Besides the almost endless Pantone colors, it is possible to choose a complete assortment of seatings, display cases and light solutions from our catalog.

Shell schemes allow for reducing costs without losing anything in quality and accuracy, even during the installation phase. It is worth pointing out that some are assembled even without tools and are delivered to fairs with the easiest instructions imaginable: everything is color-coded to indicate what goes where, making it hard to get anything wrong or to damage the materials.

The materials are loaded and unloaded in the exact order in which they are needed, and their installation is extremely fast, under the supervision of the FB International reference operator; he explains to the team what to do and inspects each detail, from beginning to end.

This is why a cost estimate for a beautiful stand can be quite surprising.