The most beautiful stand for you might be the least expensive one

The most beautiful stand might be the least expensive one.

FB International is a large workshop where everything is made in-house with attention and care. This is how we always manage to combine beauty with functionality, how we learn to eliminate costs, how we create the best combination between shell schemes and customized ideas, and how we create for you the best stand at the least possible price. Each component is made in units individually devoted to carpentry, metalwork, painting, electricity, graphics, furnishings, weaving and carpeting.

The choice to make everything in-house is a guarantee to the client: costs go down, quality goes up. And for all those demanding a fully customized stand, it’s a way of making sure that every fitting is one of a kind.

Not only is each stand made in the FB International workshops, but each is also fully assembled before parts are packaged and shipped to the fair. This provides an overview in order to make sure everything works, to see that no detail is left unchecked. Any problem is resolved beforehand, which means (once again) eliminating costs. Should an unexpected problem arise last minute at the fair, our taking care of it promptly in-house costs less that having others fix it.

We produce, dismantle, and rebuild, but we always try to assemble as much as we can in our workshops. Sometimes we can assemble an entire lighting system beforehand, so that during the fair the only thing left to do is to plug it in. Less time, less mistakes, less costs.

Assisting in the installation of a stand from the beginning, dealing every day with production problems both big and small and resolving these with skill and imagination have taught us a lot, especially in certain areas in which we are experts.

An example: jewelry stores. When jewelry is displayed, glass and light are everything. Not only do we have a unique assortment of display cases (approximately 20 different kinds), but we also know quite well what kind of light emphasizes the value of a particular jewel or stone.

And even the most renowned jewelers who have placed their trust in us know this; the same is true for other sectors, such as food, the production of fabrics and furs, and clothing.

Whatever your products or services are, we know how to present them at their best.