The story of FB International is one of many American dream stories.
In 1984, a young Italian arrived in the United States with a great deal of curiosity and the desire to learn English. He did both, but mainly because he was won over by a country where anything appears possible, even for someone starting from zero.
And I, Fabrizio, started out that way, motivated especially by my desire to achieve.

I had arrived in the country where business fairs were invented, but back then I knew nothing about them. Fate brought me to a warehouse where I found the first materials to create a stand.

Since then, I have done nothing but learn, fair after fair, through a journey that even took me to Russia, Italy again, and then back to the States for good, where today FB is a solid reality, well-known and appreciated for its reliability, precision, passion for work well done, and the ability to create excellent stands even for those on a small budget.

Nowadays, we have an 110.000 square-foot warehouse in New Jersey, an additional 27.000 square-foot one in Las Vegas, and an in-house workshop where we do everything from carpentry to lighting.

It is with this valuable ensemble of experience, competence and resources that we are now handling the most complex sector of general contracting.