Life is surprising. I arrived in the United States from Korea with my two sisters to study music; I play the violin and they play the piano and the cello. We made our dream come true in the strictest and most prestigious school: the Julliard School of New York, where we studied and from which we graduated. But when I met Fabrizio, I put the violin aside to venture into a new sector that was completely unknown to me until that moment.

I started to learn and to study all over again, day by day, starting from the simplest tasks; I did not even know how to use the computer!

But an aptitude for study and precision are a part of me, and I brought them into FB International, which today, along with Fabrizio, I manage.

We, as a managerial team, work as well as we do in life: he with his creative ideas and business initiatives, and I with the attention to details in each phase of a project until it is completed at the fair.

It is especially that attention, along with study and application, which make everything work out perfectly, with final results that appear smooth and harmonious, just like in music, and with the same feeling of fulfillment that only a successful performance can give.