Creative Workshop

The creative workshop is the first to deal with the project while it is still only an idea. The client deals directly with the FB managers who design the project and come up with a solution. The client receives both a quote and a rendering, which consists of a photo of the stand with the final furniture, lights and colors.

Project Coordinator

If the client approves the rendering and the quote, he is assigned a project coordinator, his sole reference during the entire project. It is he who manages the requests, allocates work to the various departments, checks the work, makes sure during the fair that everything is installed impeccably, and that everything works out for the best at the end.

Technical Office

The technical office creates the technical design necessary for the creation and the installation of the stand. The technical design is the first step to start the process and will be the reference point for each phase of activity: supplying materials, production, installation during the fair, and planning.


Whether the stand is a shell scheme or customized, it is entirely manufactured in-house, in the FB carpentry, metalwork, painting, electricity, graphics, furnishing, weaving, and carpeting workshops.


The installation begins with us in the workshop; we install as much as we can, so that at the fair the least amount of work needs to be done, and in the simplest, fastest and cheapest way possible. And it really does work that way; the instructions are clear and intuitive, and the FB supervisor is always on hand to solve even the smallest difficulty.


When the fair is over, our work is not. When the materials are brought back to the warehouses, they are inspected, cleaned, fixed if necessary, wrapped up and stored in the best conditions until the next fair.